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Sports Beyond's Facebook Page
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Les Eathorne Inaugural Golf Classic - 2009

About 180 of us had a tremendous time at the tournament. Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and golfers who came out for a great cause. Mark your calendar for next year.

Article from the Latte Guy

For more pictures of the event, see them on facebook.

 Sports Beyond's Facebook Page
Sports Beyond's Facebook Page
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Men’s Division:
1st Place (52) Mike Walker, Brian Kelly, Cal Ormiston & Ed Fein

2nd Place (54) Ryan McConaughy, Derek Mills, Matt Cannady & Clark Mather
3rd Place (56) Jeff Olwell, Randy Commick, Greg Clarke & Bob Baker

Mixed Division:
1st Place (70) Ron Nelson, Ruth Nelson, Jerry Johnson & Earl Buchanan

2nd Place (74) (tie) Steve Garinger, Linda Relano, Judd Black & Jim Verteville
Theresa Torseth, Molly Nikunen, Karin Gerhring, Jeanne McNamee

Long Drive: Greg Clarke & Kevin Englund
Closet to Pin: Bob Davis & Randy Commick

Classic Sponsor – Eagle Harbor Associates

Tip Off Sponsors:

                Food Services of America

                Triad Development

                Reliant Consulting and Services

Coaches Sponsors:

                Brother Don’s

                Land Title Company

                Smith Barney

                Kitsap Sports

Captain Sponsors – Watson Furniture Group

                            Southard Beckham Atwater & Berry CPA

Hole Sponsors:

      Clarke-Whitney Accountants

      Class of 1971                             Class of 1974

      Henri Campbell                           Human Securities

      Coach and Deanna Dowell            Brother’s Power Sports

      FASTRAK Services                       Quizno’s

      Noah’s Ark                                 R & H Market

       Kitsap Mental Health                   Dick Vlist Motors

      T. Vlist Transcription                    Roy Busse




Raffle items included:
Mariner tickets:  Yankees 8/14 x 2
UW - gear
4 logo 1/4 zip sweat shirts and 4 hats
Penn Driver - $80
 Noah's Ark $15 gift cards
Garmin G2 GPS - SkyCaddy - valued $300
$40 - Silver City Gift Card
Golfing in Washington Book
Golfing in Oregon Book
R & H hats & sweatshirt
2009 Ichiro Bobblehead
 2008 Yuni Betancourt Bobblehed
7 Day Pass to Bremerton YMCA
And More...


To raise funds for youth in Kitsap County to play and train to play basketball at the next level through Sports Beyond and Total Package Basketball  

Player Confirmed   Reception Only
Rick Walker Confirmed   Kevin Beliveau
Mark Wells Confirmed   Terry Welling
Mike Hanson Confirmed   Larry Lindberg
Steve Freimuth Confirmed   Henri Campbell
Kevin Backlund Confirmed   Oza Langston
Jim Smith Confirmed   Dave Hayford
Adam Shildmyer Confirmed   Larry Nelson
Jesse Reeves Confirmed   John Eathorne
Kevin Olson Confirmed   Vance Lobe
Mike Kuntz Confirmed   Les Eathorne
Fred Grimm Confirmed   Pat Eathorne
Rick Gehring Confirmed   Lane and Deanna Dowell
Al McKiernan Confirmed   Kay Jarstad Denny
Jim Leibold Confirmed   Pattie Johnson Haas
Ron Leibold Confirmed   Debbie Matz
Brian Leibold Confirmed   Laura Sanchez Garinger
Paul Kuntz Confirmed   Bev Walker
Dale Knell Confirmed   Jayne Williamson
Tom Tyner Confirmed   Terri Torseth Vlist
Dan Clark Confirmed   Linda Mapes Tilton
Clif McKenzie Confirmed   Beth and Jeff Cochran
Mike Nikunen Confirmed   Terri Thornbrue Schaaf
Toby Morgan Confirmed   Al Gleich
Mike Edwards Confirmed   Howard Thoemke
Bryan Garinger Confirmed   Linda Blackwell
Darrell Martin Confirmed    
Ross Garinger Confirmed    
David Garinger Confirmed    
Steve Garinger Confirmed    
Linda Relano Confirmed    
Judd Black Confirmed    
John Vertefuille Confirmed    
Theresa Torseth Confirmed    
Molly Nikunen Confirmed    
Karin Gehring Confirmed    
Jeanne McNamee Confirmed    
Greg Farrar Confirmed    
Gordan Farrar Confirmed    
Jeff Stark Confirmed    
Frank Stark Confirmed    
Casey Lindberg Confirmed    
Phil Olwell Confirmed    
Joe Wilson Confirmed    
Kristian Dahl Confirmed    
Dick Anderson Confirmed    
Meredith Liesmann Confirmed    
Kent Dolmseth Confirmed    
Chuck Hahta Confirmed    
Mike Walker Confirmed    
Todd Buskirk Confirmed    
Cal Ormiston Confirmed    
Ed Fein Confirmed    
Tom Deichert Confirmed    
Jeff Hayford Confirmed    
Leonard Barnes Confirmed    
Barry Cook Confirmed    
Gary Willcoxon Confirmed    
Brian McDonald Confirmed    
Jeff Coombe Confirmed    
Richard Arena Confirmed    
Bob Davis Confirmed    
Kris Thompson Confirmed    
Bob Ault Confirmed    
Lyle Bakken Confirmed    
Lowell Mahugh-Gary Wheeler Confirmed    
Ron Olson Confirmed    
George Fouch Confirmed    
Steve Boyce Confirmed    
Dave Hegland Confirmed    
Jim Trostad Confirmed    
Greg Albertson Confirmed    
John Cannady Confirmed    
Ted Ramirez Confirmed    
Kevin Cannady Confirmed    
Curtis Patnode Confirmed    
Evan Atwater Confirmed    
Rick Torseth Confirmed    
Bruce Enns Confirmed    
Gene Kennedy Confirmed    
Dan Ryan Confirmed    
Jim Ryan Confirmed    
Randy Smith Confirmed    
Mark Bratonia Confirmed    
Ben Manchion Confirmed    
Wayne Gibson Confirmed    
Dave Pyles Confirmed    
Keri Talbott Confirmed    
Jeremy Talbott Confirmed    
Jeff Hofstad Confirmed    
Kaarin Nelson Confirmed    
Marty Neyman Confirmed    
Shawn Perkins Confirmed    
Mark Eathorne Confirmed    
Mike Fox Confirmed    
Jim Sullivan Confirmed    
Tom Croppi Confirmed    
Larry Sampson Confirmed    
Leroy Spitzer Confirmed    
Kyle Spitzer Confirmed    
BIG STICK Confirmed    
Ron Nelson Confirmed    
Ruth Nelson Confirmed    
Jerry Johnson Confirmed    
Earl Buchanan Confirmed    
Jeff Olwell Confirmed    
Randy Commick Confirmed    
Greg Clarke Confirmed    
Bob Baker Confirmed    
Kurt Lake Confirmed    
Kirk Madary Confirmed    
Danny Tuttle Confirmed    
Chris Macdonald Confirmed    
Bryan McConaughy Confirmed    
Derek Mills Confirmed    
Matt Cannady Confirmed    
Clark Mather Confirmed    
Jerry Hink Confirmed    
Jeff Mantzke Confirmed    
Brad Evenson Confirmed    
Gordon Rinke Confirmed    
Willie Costello Confirmed    
Don Tompkins Confirmed    
Geoff Tompkins Confirmed    
Jon Hussey Confirmed    
Mark Ferguson Confirmed    
Ben Nuber Confirmed    
Dan Milovich Confirmed    
Wayne "Andy" Anderson Confirmed    
Bud Aiken Confirmed    
Ron Running Confirmed    
Tom Scott Confirmed    
Larry Tuke Confirmed    
Paul Stenson Confirmed    
Mark Hartman Confirmed    
Logan Healy-Tuke Confirmed    



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